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URGENT!! Hurricane Harvey is gone and the clean up in south Texas and Louisiana continues. There have been so many disasters that attention is continually diverted to what the immediate crisis is, and little to no news is heard from what already happened. It is easy to assume that everything is ok and progressing. However, there are news reports that animal rescue shelters are full to overflowing and with no where to place the animals there is a possibility that pets […]

Hurricane Harvey – Pets In Crisis

Hurricane Harvey ~ How To Help Cats In Need Watching the news about Hurricane Harvey and the utter detestation in Texas and parts of  Louisiana shows that this is one serious storm and it is lingering. The destruction is vast and the images are heartbreaking. People have lost everything and despite all the fancy words this will be their lives for years to come. Recovery from destruction of this magnitude is very slow. It takes years. Years.     There have […]

Hurricane Harvey ~ How To Help Cats In Need

Cats In The News Summer Edition
Summer is in full swing Or frantically hurtling to a close – depending on whether you are a glass full or half empty kind of person – and there is so much going on it is possible to miss all of the cat news that has been going on. And there has been a lot. The cat’s have been busy. So here to keep you in touch with what you might have missed is a little round up of cats […]

Cats In The News Summer Edition

In this little corner of the internet it is all things feline where we celebrate the love and magic of the creatures we share our lives with. A place of joy and curiosity, a place to find something new that lightens your day. A little fun, a little artsy, a little joyous. But sometimes something stop you in your tracks and makes you think again. And this is one of those moments. No one can escape the news that there […]

The Cat Man Of Aleppo

cats in the news
During the ‘dog days’ of summer, when traditionally no news happens (really?) cats have been making some headlines of their own. In case you missed it, here are some of the most recent stories with cats in the news. Italy In August Italy suffered a devastating earthquake that killed many, and destroyed several small towns and villages. In the middle of the destruction there was an uplifting story several days after the earthquake, a cat name Joy was rescued.   […]

Cats In The News

cats in the news
Checked the newspapers, internet, tv recently? No? It’s hardly surprising…..there is so much bad news, depressing news, worrying news. However, if you have been avoiding everything you may have missed some of the most interesting features to be found. Yes, cats in the news.   New York City, the Big Apple. Huge construction projects are occurring throughout the city right now. As multi-millionaires seek to make it their home more skyscrapers are rising and smaller buildings are being demolished to make […]

Cats In The News

cats in the news
In the swirl of headlines that bombard us daily with bad news, worse news and depressing news (peppered with outbreaks of gossip) it is always good to find some cats in the news. They have a way of making the day so much brighter, lifting the spirits and easing everything. Finding a good story is like have a little break from the world, so it is great to find the following 2 stories.   The BBC News has reported the […]

Cats In The News

Cats are taking over Hollywood
Yes, you read that right. Cats are taking over Hollywood. Finally the message has gotten through to the powers that be in Los Angeles that people LOVE cats. You don’t have to look far to see it. The internet is full of them. The news is full of them. People love cats and can’t get enough of them, and in this time of uncertainty and change the soft gaze and purr of a kitty is what everyone needs. Hollywood has […]

Cats Are Taking Over Hollywood!

Maneki - Neko
    February 22 is Cat Day in Japan. It is a day to love, celebrate, honor and basically just go nuts over cats. The Japanese are cat lovers to the extreme. Estimates are they have about 10 million cats and as Japan is a series of small islands this is a lot of cats. They even have an island just for cats. And architecture that looks like cats!       Japan is the originator of cat cafes. Good fortune […]

Cat Day in Japan Nyan Nyan Nyan

Darth Vadar cat 2
  In a world that is full of uncertainty, fear and edginess people resort to the things that give comfort, and are safe and reliable. In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris police in Belgium  locked the city of Brussels down as part of their hunt into potential terrorist activities and closed public transport, schools and locked nervous residents in their homes. In order to enhance security and not compromise safety Belgium police asked residents for social media […]

#brusselslockdown – Cats To The Rescue

Tiger cats playing. cats at the g20 summit
The 2015 G20 summit recently took place in Antalya, Turkey and has just wrapped up. The world’s most powerful leaders were there discussing the pressing financial and global issues facing the world today. Obama, Putin, Merkel and the other leaders and financial wizards of the 20 major economies of the world. High level diplomacy. High level security. In a highly reported deviation from expected events, and despite the heavy presence of security,  personnel with stop watches and agendas, earpieces, bulging jackets, perpetual […]

Cat And Mouse At The G20 Summit

Bag of Nails pub owner with cats
  If you are thinking about a trip to Britain,  have one planned, or are already there why not consider a little side diversion to enjoy a true British moggy experience? For what might be the first of its kind in the UK  you can experience cats in pubs. A pub in Hotwells Bristol, England (a couple of hours west from London) has the perfect solution for those needing cat love.     The Bag Of Nails pub has 15 cats […]

Cats In Pubs