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Super Bowl. Kitten Bowl V
Super Bowl 2018 is fast approaching and preparations are running high for the wings, salsa and nachos. New England Patriots and Philadelphia Eagles fans are hotly anticipating the game, have been in strenuous training and are now counting down to the big moment the game kicks off. Sigh But there is relief in sight for those of us want action of a fluffier kind!! Thankfully, as in recent years you can, once again if football isn’t your thing, you can […]

Forget The Super Bowl. Kitten Bowl V Promises More Action Of A Fluffy Kind

cat tattoos
Adored, much oh sweet furry little love? Cat lovers often have an obsession about their feline babies. They are spoilt, indulged and sometimes idolized. Cute things are acquired for them. And even cuter things are acquired for the owner to remind them of Fluffy and Slasher. The internet and retail stores are full of things the smitten human can buy. Mugs, handbags, artwork, figurines. But what if you want something really permanent and personal? Have that everlasting homage to your baby? Or to an […]

Cat Tattoos ~ Showing Your Love In Ink

The Queen of England And Cats
Pussy cat, pussy cat, where have you been? I’ve been to London to look at the queen. Pussy cat, pussycat, what did you there? I frightened a little mouse under her chair. First published in 1805 ( and no doubt in existence for much longer) this little nursery rhyme is believed to refer to Queen Elizabeth I of England. There was a cat in the Queen’s court, apparently. To keep the mice in check. However, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II, who […]

The Queen Of England And Cats

the kitten bowl
Sunday February 5. The day when chicken wings, cheese balls and all kinds of dips are enjoyed. And maybe a beer too. Eyes will be staring at the television. But what will they be watching? Football? The Half Time Show? The super expensive and entertaining commercials? The Budweiser Horses? Well, no if they are the lovers of fluffy, little balls of fur. Smart cat loving people will be watching the Kitten Bowl. Hosted by the great folks at the Hallmark […]

Not Into The Super Bowl? How About The Kitten Bowl?

In this little corner of the internet it is all things feline where we celebrate the love and magic of the creatures we share our lives with. A place of joy and curiosity, a place to find something new that lightens your day. A little fun, a little artsy, a little joyous. But sometimes something stop you in your tracks and makes you think again. And this is one of those moments. No one can escape the news that there […]

The Cat Man Of Aleppo

Dolce and Gabbana love Cats
Cats are definitely in. There is no doubt about it. Not only do they rule the internet but they are taking over fashion. And not just any fashion, but the world of runways, super models and expensive luxury items. In the  fall and winter 2016 fashion shows many top designers featured feline items. Cat faces, cat bags, stripes and more were to be found tucked into the runway shows. Marc Jacobs, Stella McCartney, Gucci, Mui Mui (and what a perfect […]

Dolce & Gabbana Love Cats

The Olympics For Kittens
The Olympics have started and all eyes are on Rio for the next two weeks. Athletes who have trained for 4 years are hoping to return home with a medal or two, make their country proud, have a ton of memories, and maybe get an endorsement or more. And sports fan will be glued to television, satellite, computer to keep up with the games, the medal count and all the news. Life will be on the tired side until the […]

The Olympics For Kittens

Bodega cats
  Is New York City in your travel plans? Do the sights and sounds of this unique and vibrant city beckon you?   Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Empire State Building, One World Trade, Central Park. Maybe the Macy’s Fourth of July Fireworks or the Thanksgiving Day Parade. The Rockettes, Broadway, Lincoln Center.     If so, and you are a cat lover, then you should know about the Bodega Cats. And what is a Bodega Cat you might ask? Derived from the […]

Bodega Cats

What is it about cats? Sometimes they think completely outside the box. And sometimes inside the box. Despite their cool aloofness and superior air they can just make you roar with laughter with their antics. Check out what Bored Panda found and enjoy observing cats doing what they do best.  

Cuckoo Cats Part 2

cats in the news
In the swirl of headlines that bombard us daily with bad news, worse news and depressing news (peppered with outbreaks of gossip) it is always good to find some cats in the news. They have a way of making the day so much brighter, lifting the spirits and easing everything. Finding a good story is like have a little break from the world, so it is great to find the following 2 stories.   The BBC News has reported the […]

Cats In The News

Maneki - Neko
The new year arrives and it is common to find people making resolutions, setting intentions and seeking good luck and fortune for the year ahead. For the lover cats then you need  look no further than the wonderful Maneki – Neko  (lucky cats) from Japan which are good luck symbols and welcoming talismans. Found in a variety of styles and colors these cats are portrayed with a beckoning paw (or two) which attracts luck and prosperity. Usually made in ceramic […]

The Lucky Cat Maneki-Neko

Star Wars cats
It cannot have escaped anyone’s attention that December 18, 2015 is the day that Star Wars The Force Awakens hits the world. Grown adults have taken the day off work, children are missing school, laundry is going undone. Stormtrooper suits are being dusted off. It is a blockbuster. Or will be. And once again, cats are where it happens. Star Wars Cats.   Thanks to Distracted By Star Wars we know cats are there too! But then, there is a […]

Star Wars Cats