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Big cats and boxes A lion stuck in a box marked for a giraffe
It is well known that cats love boxes and odd containers. The like to lie in them, sleep in them and play in them. Apparently so do the big cats. Big cats and boxes…..who would have thought? This great video shows the encounter some really big cats have when meeting a box for the first time. It seems that there must be a box gene in the feline family.  

Big Cats And Boxes

Tiger cats playing. cats at the g20 summit
The 2015 G20 summit recently took place in Antalya, Turkey and has just wrapped up. The world’s most powerful leaders were there discussing the pressing financial and global issues facing the world today. Obama, Putin, Merkel and the other leaders and financial wizards of the 20 major economies of the world. High level diplomacy. High level security. In a highly reported deviation from expected events, and despite the heavy presence of security,  personnel with stop watches and agendas, earpieces, bulging jackets, perpetual […]

Cat And Mouse At The G20 Summit

Bag of Nails pub owner with cats
  If you are thinking about a trip to Britain,  have one planned, or are already there why not consider a little side diversion to enjoy a true British moggy experience? For what might be the first of its kind in the UK  you can experience cats in pubs. A pub in Hotwells Bristol, England (a couple of hours west from London) has the perfect solution for those needing cat love.     The Bag Of Nails pub has 15 cats […]

Cats In Pubs

Cats are found in many unexpected places, working, relaxing or just being. The Hermitage Museum in St. Petersburg Russia is one of these places. Behind the scenes are a small army of felines who have been ’employed’ and cared for for many years and they work hard to keep the rodent population under control. It seems that cats really know how to get access into unusual places, and to be cared for and fed. Their skills of mousing are make them […]

Cats In Unexpected Places – The Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg Russia

disneyland cats
Everyone knows The Happiest Place On Earth, Disneyland. This is where you go to meet Micky and Minnie Mouse, see the real Pirates of the Caribbean, ride Big Thunder Mountain Railway, meet Cinderella, climb Chip n Dale’s Treehouse, walk down Main Street USA and much, much more. Alongside all of this there are many things go on unseen that help to make this place so magical. Quietly away from the eyes of the visitors. Often at night to keep the […]

Cats In Unexpected Places – Disneyland Cats