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Holiday Cat Crafts – Kitty Cat Gift Box   The holidays are fast approaching and gift giving is high on everyone’s mind. If you’re looking for a craft to do with young ones, or want to be creative and make something for a special cat loving person this Kitty Cat Gift Box is perfect for young and old alike and makes a nice for Christmas or New Year’s gift (organized in 2017 anyone?)   This Kitty Cat Gift Box is suitable for all […]

Holiday Cat Crafts – Kitty Cat Gift Box

This post contains affiliate links. If you are looking for a fun and novel gift idea, or a little craft project for your cat then this is the book for you. What a fun and cute book!!!! Found this little gem at the local craft store and the delightful pictures just had brought such a smile that I had to investigate further. Cats In Hats:  30 Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns for Your Kitty by Sara Thomas has got to be […]

Cats In Hats: 30 Knit and Crochet Hat Patterns for Your Kitty by Sara Thomas

a year of cats in hats
This post contains affiliate links Cooler evenings and darker nights can only mean one thing. Crafting! Or baking. (More on that to come later) Now is the time to start thinking about some serious crafting. Not the stressful, is it going to be beautiful / will it work / I don’t really have a clue what I am doing kind of crafting but the sort that makes you relax, lets you play, releases your inner child. So, if you love cats […]

A Year Of Cats In Hats! by Sheila Haynes Raven

  When artists and makers find something they like it is common that they continue the technique  in many different ways to see just what they can create, how far they can push the design, or stay with something that makes sense to them.             With this in mind gather your art supplies.           And the negative cat template.         And create some sponge art cats that are […]

Cat Crafts – More Sponge Art Cat Ideas

  Sponge Art Cat One of the easiest and most versatile of art projects is sponge art which provides color to the project through a pouncing or dabbing motion. The resulting colors are mottled and have lightness and depth and is very forgiving and permitting. Additional colors can be added easily, filled in or left light and details can be added or not. The technique can be adapted to thumbprint or fingerprint for little artists, or to fat paint brushes […]

Cat Crafts – Sponge Art Cat

cardboard roll kitties
  Cardboard  / Toilet Roll Kitties Toilet rolls are something everyone has at home, and empty rolls are always available. The possibilities are quite astonishing considering these are cardboard tubes. And finding basic art and craft materials that you already have make this really cheap. And nothing like up cycling what would be garbage!   What You Need Toilet rolls or paper towel tubes (cut in half) White  paint – or very pale blue / gray / pink / whatever […]

Cat Crafts – Cardboard Roll Kitties

coloring books for adults
  Do you remember, way back when, sitting mindlessly filling in a page with colors and watching something bland become bold? Aimlessly, moving across a page with the smell of crayons swirling? Struggling to stay inside the lines??????? Those were the days. And life goes full circle, and once again, we are back. There is a craze for coloring books for adults. Yes, for adults. It started slowly, but gradually gathered speed and now the books are everywhere. EVERYWHERE And there […]

Cat Coloring Books For Adults

summer camp week
    Summertime. When you relax and recharge.     Heading into the dog days  of summer now. A great time to have fun, indulge your inner child (or literal child) and be creative, artistic and have fun. Think summer camp. Do you remember summer camp? And all the cool things you got to make, do and eat? Lazy days where the clock doesn’t matter and you have sand on your feet, smell camp towels and sunshine. In honor of […]

Summer Camp Week – With Cats

animal knits by zoe mellor
This post contains affiliate links   Animal Knits by Zoe Mellor promises to be a delight for knitters who love animals. Tempting you with “26 fun handknits for children and toddlers” this is perfect for those with little people in their lives who want to dress them in animal decorated items. Zoe Mellor, knitwear designer and wool shop owner,  is known for her charming knitting projects for children and babies and this book is no exception. Containing a mixture of sweaters, blankets, […]

Animal Knits by Zoe Mellor

Book Review Knit Your Own Cat
This post contains affiliate links   What do you do if you love cats but can’t actually have one? Or if you just suffer from the charming and confusing condition ‘can’thavetoomanycats” and want to add more to your menagerie? Well, if you want to avoid the litter and feeding problem a knitted cat might just be the perfect solution. The authors of Knit Your Own Cat have heard you, and feel your pain. Knit Your Own Cat: Easy to Follow […]

Knit Your Own Cat by Sally Muir and Joanna Osborne

Christmas gifts for cats and cat lovers Knitted tiger from Knit Your Own Zoo book
This post contains affiliate links. There is no surprise that many knitters love cats. And cats love knitters. Probably even more they love the wool. Sitting, quietly occupied, in a trancelike silence cats and knitters share so much. In quiet solitude they sit, counting rows, stitches, checking colors, or licking paws and whiskers. They often share their space with each other and both have developed cozy to an art. So, for this special group of feline lovers what wonderful holiday […]

Christmas Gifts For Cats and Cat Lovers – The Knitters Edition