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2017 The Year Of The Cat
Happy New Year! 2017!! Will this be a bumper year for cats? Well, do cats have whiskers?! In 2015 cats took over the internet with funny gifs, videos and entertainment. In 2016 certain cats became famous and became personalities in their own right with coloring books, print books, apparel and so much more. What will 2017 bring? No doubt cats will continue to be attract followers and lovers and will fill the internet with happy tails and adventures. Some dramas […]

2017 The Year Of The Cat

Darth Vadar cat 2
  In a world that is full of uncertainty, fear and edginess people resort to the things that give comfort, and are safe and reliable. In the aftermath of the recent terrorist attacks in Paris police in Belgium  locked the city of Brussels down as part of their hunt into potential terrorist activities and closed public transport, schools and locked nervous residents in their homes. In order to enhance security and not compromise safety Belgium police asked residents for social media […]

#brusselslockdown – Cats To The Rescue

The internet is such a vast place full of marvelously creative people, filled with inspiration, loaded with educational and enlightening things and where you can find anything. Especially cats on the internet. Images   Lots and lots of images.   Gifs.   Fun cat videos. And sometimes really silly cat videos. People love them. Often seen as time wasters they bring fun into what can be a dull day. No matter that the magical, mystical cat is relegated to mere […]

Cats On The Internet – Seriously Wacky

cats as fonts
  The internet if full of interesting and often wacky features about cats. It seems that we can’t get enough of their cuteness, funniness, wisdom, companionship, craftiness. Well, finally someone has made the connection between cats and fonts and created cats as fonts. As in typeface. Silly you think? Not really.       Head over to Buzzfeed  and see many more, and see what you think. You might never think of comic sans or Times New Roman the same again.

Cats As Fonts

Of course, cats rule the internet there is considerable evidence to prove this. But in a slightly more even more interesting turn it seems also that kittens and bacon rule the internet. Do you want to know exactly how much? Mashable recently feature an infographic created by Marketo, a digital marketing company,  that details just how popular cats and kittens are. According to Google people search for “cats” 30 million times per month.Funny cats get 340,000 per month. Bacon is searched for 6 million times […]

Kittens And Bacon Rule The Internet

If you are a cat lover, kitten crazy, feline fan then you probably can’t ever get enough of their cuteness and antics. The internet is full of cats, but much of it is not so uplifting. Funny yes, but uplifting no. However, go to Pinterest and spend an embarrassing amount of time filling your mind with catness of such magical proportions you won’t get much else done. On Pinterest there are some wonderful cat boards that will fill your head […]

Cats On Pinterest

Celestial cat
You can’t miss the fact that the internet is full of cats. Every corner of it is full of them. Internet cats, such an unlikely feature but so popular. Which leads to the question why exactly is the internet full of cats? Lets try and unravel it. The humble house cat, the silent companion who un-demandingly shares the lives of countless people has a long history that is richly portrayed in art, literature, poetry and even Broadway shows. Worshipped in antiquity these […]

The Internet Is Full Of Cats