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Have you every lost a cat? It is a sickening nightmare. Independent by nature they wander, or get out, or hide, or get disorientated. Have a fight and flee fast. Or find themselves in a car or van having a cozy snooze and wake up somewhere else. The owner is frantic with worry and little ones cry. Signs get posted on power poles with pictures of the missing love in the hope that someone will have seen the kitty and […]

Do You Recognize This Cat?

the kitten bowl
Sunday February 5. The day when chicken wings, cheese balls and all kinds of dips are enjoyed. And maybe a beer too. Eyes will be staring at the television. But what will they be watching? Football? The Half Time Show? The super expensive and entertaining commercials? The Budweiser Horses? Well, no if they are the lovers of fluffy, little balls of fur. Smart cat loving people will be watching the Kitten Bowl. Hosted by the great folks at the Hallmark […]

Not Into The Super Bowl? How About The Kitten Bowl?

October 27 It is Black Cat Day in the United Kingdom. Such a wonderful idea to raise awareness of these beautiful creatures.     Here is some information about black cats that you might not know (and may help you love them even more): King Charles I of England believed that black cats were lucky, and he had one. He believed that if anything happened to his cat his kingdom would collapse. Interestingly the day after the cat died the king […]

October 27 Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay

Friday feline shelter cats
Have you thought about adopting a cat or kitten? Shelters are brimming with delightful, loving cats and kittens that need forever homes. The summer bumper crop of kittens need a mommy or daddy to look after them Older cats want to share some warmth with a loving human and find somewhere safe to live out their days. Cheeky characters are waiting, who want to help you have fun in life, re-arrange your things, hide your socks, get the mice. Here […]

The Friday Feline Shelter Cats For Adoption

Blak cat day
  Black cats are the stuff that stories and poems are made of. Mysterious, magical, dramatic. Beautiful eyes, hypnotic gaze.       So, why on earth don’t people like them???? Superstitions, folklore, witches, old wives tales. The result is that black cats are harder to adopt to forever homes, are abandoned at a higher rate and spend more time languishing in  shelters. In an attempt to combat this October 27th has been designated National Black Cat Day by Cats […]

Black Cat Day #BlackCatDay

Cat in Clapham Common
  The city. Unless you live in a beautifully rural environment ( looking at you Lake District, South Dakota, Patagonia, and so many more) usually there is an assault upon your senses of noise, visual chaos, pressing humanity, and more. We are inundated and there is no control. And that is why the internet loves cats so much, and coloring books. A little place of calm and relief. In London some extremely creative folks got together and decided they wanted to […]

Cats At Clapham Common or How A London Tube Was Taken Over Cats

Ardent lovers of the feline variety absolutely have to head to Los Angeles this weekend for CatConLA. What is this you may ask? In a nutshell it is the first all cat lovers conference celebrating everything feline, surrounded by thousands of others who share the love. Products, ideas, personalities and experts will be assembled in one place on June 25th and 26th showcasing everything you need to know to make life with your feline even better. Movies, Lil’Bub and Julie […]

Cat Con LA – The Ultimate Cat Experience

kitten nurseries
Have you thought about adopting a kitten yet?     It is midway through June and the shelters are full of kittens, some of them tiny, some of them older. All looking for loving homes and new mammas and pappas to take them into their lives and care for them, give them love and make their lives complete. But caring for tiny little kittens is something that requires much care and thought and specialized training. The smallest newborns often arrive […]

Kitten Nurseries

june is adopt a shelter cat month
Hello there kitten. Did you know that June is “Adopt A Shelter Cat Month”?     With the arrival of June’s warm weather, longer days, beach days and barbecues arrive. And so do kittens. Lots and lots of kittens. Late spring sees the birth of thousands of kittens and they will join the millions of cats that are in shelters already. The American Humane Association estimates that approximately 4 million cats and kittens end up in shelters each year. 4 […]

June Is Adopt A Shelter Cat Month!

Mothers Day is fast approaching (May 8) and this is the time where children of all ages are scrambling around with glue, glitter, fancy papers and all sorts of craftiness to make a token of love for their mamas and grandmas. Crowns, corsages, pasta jewelry and much, much more is crafted with love by little fingers. Older kids just hit the store. Lucky the woman who will be the recipient of these, and the breakfast in bed. A day just for […]

Mothers Day – Thanking The Cat Ladies