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Summer has started! Long days stretch ahead. Long hot days. Kids are home from school. What now? Well, PBS might just be to the rescue. The universe (and PBS) has read the minds of parents of young children who want  decent, enlightening, educational entertainment for their children. And most important……has a cats!! PBS ~ Public Broadcasting Service ~ whose mission is to provide good quality entertainment and is responsible for Sesame Street, This Old House, and that other little program […]

Nature Cat ~ PBS Kids

This post contains an affiliate link.   Star Trek: The Next Generation was a television series that followed in the footsteps of the original television show Star Trek. But if didn’t have Captain James T. Kirk.     Or Mr. Spock.     But it did have Captain Jean Luc Picard.     And Commander Riker, Geordie LaForge, Worf (a Klingon!!) the Borg and many more characters and travelers and worlds.   Running between 1987 and 1994 it was set in […]

Star Trek: The Next Generation – Data and Spot

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Cats have been appearing on the television virtually since it was created. In 1928 RCA created Felix The Cat as a test tool to monitor and adjust the picture and signal. Felix made his first appearance on W2CBS in New York City. Made of papier mache he was placed on a revolving record player and sat there for 10 years while engineers worked to get a good picture. Dizzying!     A Saturday morning fixture since the 1950’s cartoon characters Tom and […]

Cats On Television