The Absolutely Exquisite Feline Fabulousness Of Rory Dobner

rory dobner cat decor

Lovers of cats have no shortage of cute, charming and sometimes comical items to display and show the world their adoration of all things feline. However, if quirky sophistication and surreal elegance are more your taste then look to the  work of Rory Dobner and his delightful world of cat design.

A graduate of the Central Saint Martin’s School of Art and Design in England, a hothouse of art and design talent, Rory Dobner has a resume that is eclectic and impressive. His client list includes A list celebrities as well as Fortnum & Mason (no less than the grocery store to Queen Elizabeth II of  Great Britain) as well as the Natural History Museum, London. His intricate pen and ink drawings display clever illustrations with wonderful attention to detail with an edgy Victorian look, somewhat reminiscent of Alice’s Wonderland. His marvelously unique style portrays animals and objects in precise details, yet there is something just a little quirky about them.

Especially his cats.

Not your run of the mill cheeky moggies, the cats that Rory Dobner draws have a mixture of edge and just a hint of sass. And attitude. These charmingly delightful pieces come with a price tag that make them beyond the reach of many but, thankfully, there are some small items that might make it onto the wish list. And if something truly one of a kind is in order Rory Dobner also undertakes commissions  for those extra special occasions!


rory dobner

Monocle Cat Tray


rory dobner

Circus Cat Clock


rory dobner

Sugar Bowl



rory dobner

Monocle Cat Teapot






To see and read more about Rory Dobner and purchase items in the United Kingdom visit here. 

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