The Feral Cat

The feral cat

The feral cat


The feral cat is a domestic cat that is wild and lives on the edge of human society. Born and raised without human contact these cats are unsocialized, highly cautious and untrusting of humans. Like pet and stray cats feral cats are part of the domestic cat family but have lost their ability to live with humans. Stray cats are either lost, have escaped or been abandoned by their owners and have had human intereaction and can possibly  return into a home. Feral cats won’t. They are not used to humans, do not want human contact and live a life in the wild hunting for food and fighting for territory living in colonies.


The Feral cat


Feral cats occur when a stray cat has a litter of kittens that are born in the wild  and withouth human contact these kitten are feral. If caught while still young they can be socialized,  otherwise the kittens grow up fearful and wild and avoid human contact. If feral cats encounter a human they hiss, growl and run away. Exceptionally good at hiding they are not often easily seen near human activity, or in the daytime. Under the cover of night they often will be found near potential sources of food like garbage containers or food storage areas, or places where rodents are in good supply. Despite lives of considerable hardship many feral cats live for many years and with continual litters of kittens keep the feral community populated.


the feral cat