The Olympics For Kittens

The Olympics For Kittens

The Olympics For Kittens

The Olympics have started and all eyes are on Rio for the next two weeks. Athletes who have trained for 4 years are hoping to return home with a medal or two, make their country proud, have a ton of memories, and maybe get an endorsement or more. And sports fan will be glued to television, satellite, computer to keep up with the games, the medal count and all the news. Life will be on the tired side until the flame is extinguished and life returns to normal. But then there are the Kitten Games.

Head over to the Hallmark channel.



Yes, the people who make the cute cards.

And soppy movies.

Thinking of those of us who might not really want to spend 2 weeks watching athletes sweat and groan and win or lose they have created the perfect solution for cat lovers in the universe.

THE 2016 Kitten Summer Games!!


The Olympics For Kittens


Full of drama, excitement, extreme fluffiness, hissing, tail flicks, claws in, claws out,  and so much cute you might have to pace yourself Hallmark have given us a gift. The Opening Ceremonies on August 5 is available to view, along with all of the games: balance beam, rings, gymnastics, tennis, and more. There are live action cameras in the dorm, on the plaza, or the kittens, who have been given the most creative and charming Olympian names. There is cat-lete voting, take a selfie challenge and so much more. There is so much to see, do and watch, and it is worth it. Head over and look.

The Olympics For Kittens

All this fun and cuteness is for a really great cause as Hallmark has partnered with the North Shore Animal League and together they are sponsoring kitten adoptions. At the end of the games the kittens will all be adopted – and many others from adoption sites that have partnered with them. So, not only is it fun, but it is for a really great cause.

The overload of cuteness is almost too much to bear.  Hallmark have really outdone themselves this time with warm and happy images and feelings.

And best part, we don’t have to listen to all those odd national anthems.