Pedigree Cat Breeds – The Siamese Cat


Siamese cat, one of the most popular pedigree breeds

The Siamese Cat

One of the most distinctive breeds among cats is the Siamese cat. Easily distinguishable by its coloring and points the Siamese cat is one of the most noble and regal breeds. The earliest known records of this cat dates back to the fourteenth century but its exact origins are unknown. Some think they come from Thailand (Siam) and others believe China but regardless this ancient and noble breed has a long history and lineage. They did not arrive in Europe until the late nineteenth century when the King of Siam sent two cats named Pho and Mia to the British Consul General. The public saw their first Siamese cats at the Crystal Palace Cat Show in London England in 1885 when the kittens of Pho and Mia were prize winners. Siamese cats were introduced to America several years later when the breed was registered in Chicago.

Siamese cats are identified by their ‘points’, the darkened areas of the ears, face, paws and tail. 
Born white or cream the points develop as the kitten matures. The original cat from the 1800s which came from Thailand was a seal point and is considerably different from the cat today as certain attributes have been bred out. These early cats had thickset round heads, squinting eyes or crossed eyes and a kinked tail. However, todays Siamese has been bred to have a tail with no kink, a more delicate wedge shaped head and large, intense eyes.

Siamese cats are the talkers of the cat world.
They have pronounced voices that they use constantly. No tiny mew with these cats. They talk (or chatter) continuously, especially if they have something they want to draw your attention to. They will chatter at birds, squirrels and wildlife through the window attempting to chase them away. This is a cat with a lot of energy and they benefit from exercise and games to work it off. They are remarkably intelligent and can be taught to play more than other breeds of cat. These are the cats that play fetch, hide and seek and can be taught to walk on a leash. In the garden they are hunters with very strong instincts for this behavior.  Up until the last century they were used to guard grain mills and keep the rodent population under control. In the garden they are very successful bringing their prey home to show and share. In colonial Africa, and up until recent years, they have been used to hunt and ward off snakes in the gardens during the night.

Siamese cats have very dominant personalities and they can be demanding.
They require attention, stimulation and supervision. They will amuse themselves in ways that may not be acceptable to their owners but in return they give loyal and deep companionship and love. Siamese have one of the longest life spans in the cat family and adding a Siamese to your life is a commitment. You will be rewarded with love and affection. And someone to have long conversations with.


Sealpoint Siamese Cat

Guinness Sealpoint Siamese