The Warrior Cats Series by Erin Hunter

Warrior cat Moth Flight white cat green eyes

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Warrior Cats Book cover Book 1 Warriors Into The Wild



The Warrior Cats Series (also known as The Warriors) by Erin Hunter is a massive collection of books (6 series of 6 books each + guidebooks + field guides + manga) about 4 clans of wild feral cats ~ Warrior Cats ~ that live in the forest and their struggle for dominance and survival. Aimed at readers aged 11 – 14 the series is penned by 4 authors (Kate Cary, Cherith Baldry, Tui Sutherland and Victoria Holmes) under the pseudonym Erin Hunter.

These fantasy novels capture the imagination and attention of younger readers and transport them to that other world where the cats exist. Intrigue, mystery, love, honor, respect are themes that run through the series. Hugely successful the series has legions of fans and, unlike many other series, attracts both girls and boys. Criticism of the books is largely related to the violence and the enormous number of characters, which rivals “War and Peace” in keeping them straight. There is a website where you can read all about the books, meet the characters, explore their world and play games, a Warrior Clan wiki, a virtual online Warrior cat world, and more. You know you are in for a serious read when book 1 has 3 pages of Allegiances of the clans (including cats outside of clans) and 2 pages of clan maps.

“Warriors The Ultimate Guide”  is the definitive guide to help readers straighten any confusion. Containing profiles of more than 75 “important” (!) warrior cats there are maps of the forests, lakes, the gorge and detailed clan descriptions, and warrior cat profiles with beautiful color illustrations of the cats. Any confusion surely will be solved with this guide.

If you love cats and can’t get enough of them this series is worth looking into. The world of Warrior Cats is quite imaginative and unique and experiencing it, even just through one book, is worth it. If you have any young people in your life this is definitely a series to introduce them to.



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Warrior Cats Book 1 Allegriances


Warrior cats Book cover Warriors The Ultimate Guide


Warrior cats Moth Flight white cat green eyes


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