Why You Should Grow Catnip

If you have a cat you surely know how much they love catnip.

grow catnip

♥ ♥ ♥ LOVE  ♥ ♥ ♥


(If you are new to cat parenting this aspect of feline ownership will become apparent to you once you introduce it to them….)


A visit to the cat section of the pet store shows a vast amount of catnip toys, treats, and enticements.

Not just a great activity treat but it is also good for cats to eat as a food supplement.

If you have a picky eater (and yes, I am talking about you Slasher) a scattering of catnip entices your fluffy bundle to investigate and indulge just a bit more.

It is good to have some on hand for moments of need.

Nothing like a little container of catnip  to tantalize Fluffy.

So what is a mommy to do?

Head to the store?

No. Grow it at home.

Yes, this little plant of joy is one of the easiest plants to grow and gives back in so many ways….and better yet saves you money at the pet store (always a good thing) and you can be sure of how natural it really is.

Did you know that catnip is a perennial (comes back every year), grows in poor soils and braves the coldest of winters to return each spring to fill you cat with happiness.

Remember this?


grow catnip



In mid-July (during scorching weather) this straggly little catnip plant was rescued from the grocery store for 99¢.


Not even a dollar.

And somehow it grew and established itself despite high heat and really poor soil.

It did well enough to produce enough leaves to harvest and give some very lucky kitties so much fun.

Take a look now……

grow catnip


Over winter it disappeared completely. Only brown ground was left. But sometimes in April it made a tiny appearance, and by mid-May this was the little straggly plant. Heading into a small bush.


grow catnip


grow catnip


grow catnip


grow catnip

grow catnip


grow catnip


This plant is so full it can have an early harvest soon.

Did you know you can harvest the leaves more than once? More about that at a later date.

Of course leaves can be picked, and have, as needed just for some instant gratification. No harm done.

And what is good about catnip plants, unlike mint, they don’t spread out everywhere and require controlling. They keep a nice shape and mind their manners and just occupy the space they are in.

Not every kitty loving parent has a garden, so how will this plant do on a patio or windowsill?

Some further investigation is called for!